Entire fleets, managed at your fingertips.

InterSky features comprehensive business, fleet and system management functions, including:

  • Seat Configuration
  • Seat Subclasses
  • Full travel agent management: commission rates and seat allocations 
  • Charter and destination scheduling
  • Flight planning and deployment
  • Block time
  • Management of fare pricing by class, subclass, passenger category and destination

Fare Price management:

  • Fare discounts (resident, youth, senior, special fare discount, student, etc)
  • Fare rules
  • Fare rules text
  • eTicket information
  • Passenger Fare
  • Charter Fare

Administration management:

  • User access management
  • Airline centres and agents
  • Charter groups
  • Airline partner contacts
  • Airport contacts

Payment Management:

  • View sales reports for agents and centres within defined periods
  • Payment extract

Planning and revenue management:

  • View flight/sector revenue report within defined periods
  • Revenue analytics